About Us

Prey Studios is an in-house development focused company, and we create polished and entertaining games for a wide range of quality craving gamers.

Our team strives to be fun working environment and to always remain down to earth. In addition to our mainstream game development work, we do significant creative research, brainstorming sessions and sketching out ideas. We hang out with athletes and managers, as well as train MMA and cultivate the scene. We work hard but spontaneously do other things, like downhill mountain bike riding or playing strategy games on collective steam after working hours. Prey Studios aims to balance private life with work.


We create high quality games


We provide long lasting entertainment


Our code is made with the future in mind

Perfect location

Prey Studios develops games for mobile devices and is based in Stockholm, Sweden, one of Europe’s leading hubs for producers of games. We are passionate about our creative work and proud of being in the forefront of the gaming industry, and our team consists of developers and strategic minds that have life-long records of building bespoke and high-ranking games.